From growth-oriented to sustainable regional development

Mo. 27. Jun 2022
15:00 - 16:30

Herr Dr. Markus Grillitsch, Lund University, Department of Human Geography (Schweden) wird als Referent zum Thema: „Von einer wachstumsorientierten zu einer nachhaltigen Regionalentwicklung / From growth-oriented to sustainable regional development“ sprechen.

For many years, growth was the main goal of regional development. Policy
instruments, especially the European approach of „Smart Specialization“, aim
at strengthening competitiveness through innovation. Due to the global climate
catastrophe and strong interregional imbalances, priorities have shifted. This
presentation discusses the shift in objectives and the accompanying theoretical
and practical implicati ons. This includes the need for instruments aimed at
changing entire production and consumption systems, rather than those that
promote growth in existing systems. It requires a broader understanding of
economics that includes not only knowledge-intensive industries but also func-
tions necessary for societal well-being. Furthermore, it requires an understand-
ing of social engagement in qualitative change processes.

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