Transformation Literacy conference – From Collaboration to Transformation Literacy

Do. 24. Feb 2022 - Do. 31. Mrz 2022
14:00 - 16:00
Transformation Literacy conference - From Collaboration to Transformation Literacy

organized by Collective Leadership Institute (CLI)

A six-part event series that will dive into each strategic element necessary to become a master in the language of transformation.
Transformation Literacy is a competence that enables us to engender change toward a sustainable world and the CLI will bring together experts with a demonstrated record of leading change in the field to discuss and acquire together this competence. We firmly believe that with the right tools everyone can become a collective leader for sustainability.
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The registration is for free. All interested people are welcome.
Please use the following links for your topic of interest and choose one or more events:

What are the stories that inspire transformative change?
24 February, 14-16 CET

How do we organize collective stewardship of change?
3 March, 14-16 CET

How do we guide innovations towards regenerative futures?
10 March, 14-16 CET

How do we measure progress?
17 March, 14-16 CET

How do we learn collectively and navigate differences?
24 March, 14-16 CET

How do we safeguard the commons and planetary life-support systems?
31 March, 14-16 CET